Camaldoli Herbal Tea No. 2 with Artichoke 80 g


Format: 80g.

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EPATICA. Al carciofo composto.
This detox herbal infusion is enriched by the active ingredients of artichokes which help bile secretion, purifying your body. The Artichoke is an important source of inulin, a natural fiber that helps reducing cholesterol levels. Other notable ingredients are Hibiscus, renowned for theyr digestive and antiseptic effects, Elderberries and Fumaria Officinalis, a great detox herb.

Suggested use: pour half liter of hot water in one or two teaspoons of herbal infusion. Let the tea steep for 10 minutes. We recommend drinking, once a day, a couple of glasses of this infusion between meals


Ingredients: cynara scolimus folium, combretum miehranthum folium, sambucus nigra flos, rheum rhaponticum radix, hibiscus sabdarissa flos, erythraea centaurium summitates, asperula odorata folium, helicrysum stoechas summitates, rosmarinus officinalis folium, cichorium intybus radix, mentha piperita summitates, fumaria officinalis summitates, glycyrhiza glabra radix, citrus aurantium epicarpum.