Products of Monastic Origin

... an "indicator" to show whether production is internal (or external, or in part) to the Monastery

Monastic productions have always been known for their quality and because they often draw directly from ancient traditions. Several products have the same characteristics and compositions for decades, others have been refined and adapted to new needs. Still others can no longer be produced internally due to lack of equipment or even monks or nuns who can take care of them.
Change is sometimes necessary, especially if it helps to continue the tradition.
We therefore wanted to classify, in the simplest possible way, the products according to the mode of production, if completely internal to the Monastery (with the appropriate equipment), or if partly or completely entrusted to external laboratories able to give the continuity and guarantees necessary for the sale.

Product of monastic origin

The processing of the product is carried out completely by the monks and nuns, in the workshops inside the monastery.

Partial Monastic Product

The monks and nuns provide raw materials or semi-finished products to a trusted external laboratory that turn them into the final product.

Produced on the Recipe of Monasteries

For lack of own means, the product is made by a trusted external laboratory, with the supervision of the monks and nuns, and sometimes according to their proprietary and exclusive recipe.