Products of monasteries and abbeys

Terra in Cielo (Earth in Even) is the online shop for monastic products. Browse through the various sections of the site and search for the product that best suits you, from herbal products such as herbal teas and syrups, to food products such as pasta, chocolate, honey and much more. But on our site you can also find a wide selection of Trappist and abbey craft beers, a must for hop lovers. Earth in Heaven is also your reference point for cosmetic products made in the abbeys!

Headache? Cracked skin? Find the right product for your every need


Marigold, propolis, eucalyptus or lavender? The right product for every ingredient


Benedictine, Trappist, Camaldolese... Find the products of the main monastic orders...

Monastic orders

An occasion to celebrate? Any particular Christmas present? Monastic products for every event!


Terra in Cielo is your online monastic herbalist shop! We have selected herbal teas, syrups, herbal juices, apiary remedies, natural supplements, mother tinctures, herbal extracts, herbal oils, essential oils, balms, creams, ointments and ointments. All made according to tradition in monasteries.

Your pantry with products from the abbeys? Here it is! Honey and specialties, coffee, tea, homemade sweets, candies, chocolate, spreadable creams, olive oil, pasta, sauces, vegetables, spices, aromas, condiments, cereals and legumes. Buy abbeys' food products online!

Enter the cellar of Terra in Cielo. The best white, red and rosé wines, but above all the famous beers of Trappiste and abbey! For over a thousand years the monks have kept the secrets of wine, beer and liquor production. Buy them online in our shop!

Give emotions to your body. In this section you will find the best cosmetics made in the abbeys with passion and care. Creams for face, body, hands, feet and legs. But also the famous monastery soaps, bath foam, shampoos, toothpastes and perfumes.

Are you looking for the perfect gift but are you undecided on the right product to choose? No problem, we'll help you! Here you will find gift boxes of monastic products that are great for any occasion. You can also create your own custom packaging!