Chartreuse Verte 35cl

tonic liqueur, intense, aged 3 years in barrels

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Format: 35cl.

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The Chartreuse Verte produced by the Carthusian monks of the Chartreuse Monastery is a world-famous tonic liqueur. Unlike Chartreuse Jaune, Verte has a stronger taste and a higher alcohol content (55%). The Chartreuse Verte is prepared following the recipe of an ancient manuscript received by the Carthusian monks in 1605; from this comes all the savoir-faire: from the processing of its 130 plants to the slow ageing of the Chartreuse in oak barrels. The patient maturation gives the Chartreuse Verte a unique aromatic complexity, which is refined with further ageing in the bottle, making each specimen unique. Tips for a correct tasting: Traditionally considered as a digestive, the Chartreuse is often tasted by its admirers even in the preparation of cocktails. To enhance its aromas, we recommend tasting the Chartreuse with a few icicles.

Vol: 55°