Camaldoli's Natural and Organic Essential Oils

The Ancient pharmacy of the monks of Camaldoli, has formulated a selection of certified natural and organic essential oils and blends of essential oils for the care and well-being of body and spirit.

What are Essential Oils

Essential oils - also known as essences, essential oils or volatile oils - are natural compounds extracted from aromatic plant material, i.e. rich in "essences". The essences are produced by the plants themselves, both as a defence and as an attraction for pollinating insects.

Essential oils, a 'relatively recent' product, are mainly extracted from the fresh (not dried) plant and generally by the method of steam distillation or by pressing, pressing or cold punching, especially for citrus fruits.

The essential oils are a mixture of different organic substances, they are oily, liquid and volatile, with a strong aromatic smell. They usually bear the name of the plant from which they are extracted and contain all its phytotherapeutic properties.

A treasure extracted from plants

The essences in nature can be contained in various parts of the plant. Lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil and thyme essential oil are extracted from the flowering top of the plant.

In other cases such as chamomile essential oil, jasmine essential oil and violet essential oil come from the flowers.

Aniseed essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, pepper essential oil, juniper essential oil and vanilla essential oil come from the fruits.

While bergamot essential oil and lemon essential oil are extracted from the peel of the fruits, primarily citrus fruits.

In the case of the bitter orange Citrus aurantium, different essential oils can be extracted from several parts of the plant, in different ways, taking different names: from the skin of the fruit the essential oil of bitter orange is extracted; from the flowers the essential oil known as 'neroli'; from the leaves the essential oil petit-grain.

Properties and use of the Essential Oil

To these oils that count many admirers are recognized various properties, among which the best known and common to all is the antimicrobial action.

Used in aromatherapy, they are able to improve the mood by modifying the sensations at the nervous, conscious and unconscious level of the individual, thanks to the volatile substances contained in the essence, which can induce unconscious reactions of well-being. For these relaxing properties are indicated to promote relaxation, improve the quality of sleep and mood. They relieve stress symptoms and stimulate vitality. They are usually used with aromatherapy diffusers/humidifiers, purify the air and give a pleasant sense of tranquillity.

Essential oils can be used for massage, home and laundry scenting and household cleaning; they are the basis of cosmetic and body products such as shampoos, creams and shower gels.

Essential oils are concentrated and complex mixtures of natural chemical substances, therefore their use must follow the times and ways indicated on the indications and never used pure on the skin, but always diluted, because they can bring inflammation or injury to the skin.

The Essential Oils of the Ancient Pharmacy of Camaldoli

The Ancient pharmacy of the monks of Camaldoli, has formulated a selection of certified natural and organic essential oils and blends of essential oils for the care and well-being of body and spirit. The essential oils of the Monastery of Camaldoli are presented in convenient 10ml bottles. They are organic and natural, they come from controlled biodynamic cultivation and do not contain additives or added substances.

Often used in aromatherapy but also at home for skin and hair care, they transform a moment of pure relaxation into an involving sensorial experience.

In fact, only 5-10 drops (in vegetable oil, cream, shampoo and neutral bath-shower) are enough to fully enjoy the phytotherapeutic benefits of the plants from which the essential oils are derived.

Some essential oils from monasteries are:

Organic Sage essential oil, which for its relaxing, purifying and healing properties, is an effective remedy for the whole family.

The essential oil Peppermint Peppermint which gives natural freshness to the breath and is useful for slow digestion as well as having excellent antiseptic properties.

The essential oil Rosemary Bio, also antiseptic, among the countless properties is an ally against stress, as well as the essential oil Geranium, also excellent as a healing and invigorating. While the essential oil of Lavender Vera and the essential oil of Eucalyptus, known for their innumerable properties, are excellent for solving asthma and breathing problems due to seasonal ailments.

The essential oils of Lemon and Bitter Orange, citrus fruits known since the dawn of time, have a purifying and detoxifying function, as well as, in the case of Orange, also a calming function useful against stress, anxiety and nervous disorders.

The essential oil Tea Tree based on Melaleuca or Tea Tree is a powerful anti-infective, antibacterial and antifungal, while the essential oil Spruce is indicated in the prevention of respiratory diseases, to combat mental fatigue and sadness.

In addition to pure essential oils, today are available the blends of the Ancient Pharmacy of the Camaldolese Monks, 100% pure essential oils, natural and organic, with no added additives and include:

The Natural All Fruits Blend contains, among others, essential oil of Orange, essential oil of Bergamot, essential oil of Lime, essential oil of Mandarin, essential oil of Grapefruit and essential oil of Vanilla. Thanks to the wise choice of these precise natural essential oils, the blend has stimulating properties and is indicated to find positivity and optimism. Just a few drops and its fresh and fruity scent will spread around you.

The Natural Sweet Dreams Blend is the right mix of organic essential oils with a warm floral aroma, it has calming properties; it promotes sleep and natural relaxation, because among its main ingredients are camphor essential oil, essential oil of Lavender, essential oil of Neroli, essential oil of Petit-grain. A few drops and you will have a peaceful and restful sleep.

Another excellent blend to combat stress and wear and tear in modern life is the Natural Relax Blend, with its harmonious and warm aroma, it releases a calming effect on your mood because it is composed mainly of Amyris essential oil, Cedar essential oil, Swiss pine essential oil, Petit-grain essential oil and Sandalwood essential oil.

The Natural Think Positive Blend is what you need to find harmony with yourself and the world around you. It contains Bergamot essential oil, sweet Camphor Shiu essential oil, Litsea essential oil, Grapefruit and Sage essential oil, in a mix with a relaxing and sweet aroma. A few drops and a very pleasant sense of well-being will accompany our days.

When you need an extra gear, you can safely resort to the Natural Good Mood Blend, a blend of pure and selected essential oils, with an unmistakable fruity and exotic aroma. Thanks to the presence of Sweet Orange essential oil, Lime essential oil, Litsea essential oil and Osmanthus essential oil, it has undoubtedly stimulating properties, which improve mood and restore vitality.

The Natural Angels Blend is a blend of essential oils that contains multiple properties, being composed mainly of Sweet Orange essential oil, Citronella essential oil, Jasmine essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Mandarin essential oil, Mimosa essential oil. Its warm and sweet aroma has an enveloping effect on body and spirit.

For thousands of years nature has offered us useful remedies for our daily life and the technique and experience of the wise herbal monks ensures that these products are handed down over time, today, with a modern, effective and natural production technique.

Among the natural remedies the 'essential oils' are a concentrate of well-being, and a few drops, it must be said, make the difference.

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