Bitter Borghini 70 cl

bitter tonic, digestive, without added sugar

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Format: 70cl.

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L'Amaro Borghini is a tonic-stomatic, bitter, intense taste, prepared without the addition of sugar produced by the Monastery of Monte Senario.


The Amaro Borghini, which owes its name to the creator Father Stanislao Borghini (1833 - 1901) from Azzano in the province of Pistoia, was patented in 1870. It was produced until 1986 in the convent of Viareggio, where Father Borghini was for a long time parish priest and successor of S. Antonio Maria Pucci and today it is produced by the Monastery of Monte Senario


Vol: 26°
Ingredients: with wines and natural aromas, cold processing, no colorants. A possible sediment is natural and does not alter the product.