Green Tomatoes Jam 400 g

with only fruit and sugar, Trappists from Vitorchiano

Format: 400g.

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This Handmade Trappist Green Tomatoes Jam is made up of just two ingredients: Green Tomatoes and sugar. This delicious Artisanal Jam is still made with the same old Trappist recipe, tasting like homemade jams of old times. Since the 70’ Vitorchiano’s Trappist Nuns produce 30 different types of artisan jams and preserves, using a large amount of fresh fruit without using additives nor pectine, adding just sugar. The special cooking process keeps fruit’s flavour and nutritional values intact.
Vitorchiano’s Trappist Jams are high quality Jams appreciated all across Europe


Ingredients: Green Tomatoes, sugar, lemon juice. Prepared with 80g of fruit per 100g of finished product: total sugar: 63g per 100g of finished product; No pectin added

  • Riona 9/22/2022

    Amazing jam for cheeses
    We discovered this charm while in a lovely delicatessen wine bar. We loved the Jam so much that we took a photo and found out where we could order more. perfect with good cheese!