Liqueur Gemma d'Abeto 20 cl

sweet, intense, with notes of woodland

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The Gemma d'Abeto is produced by the Friars Servants of Mary of the Convent of Monte Senario in Tuscany, near Florence.
With its sweet, balsamic taste and enriched with the particular aroma given by the essence of fir, the Gemma d'Abeto of the Convent of Monte Senario is produced according to the original recipe created in 1865 by the apothecary Frà Agostino Martini (1824-1897).
Excellent if drunk smooth, in coffee or hot milk, the Gemma d'Abeto is known and appreciated in many parts of the world, as it has been awarded many prizes at the Exhibitions of London 1902, Paris 1903 and Milan 1906.


Vol: 40°
Ingredients: 37% sugar, naturally colored with saffron