Juniper wood (Bois de Cade)

The wild Juniper wood comes from the woods surrounding the Ganagobie Abbey and the washers are prepared by hand by the monks: excellent for naturally perfuming wardrobes and drawers, and for a natural defense against moths.

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The Juniper Wood (Bois de Cade) from the monks of the Notre Dame de Ganagobie Monastery in France.

The wild juniper wood comes from the woods surrounding the monastery and the rounds are prepared by hand by the monks.

It is guaranteed without any treatment. 100% natural, without any added fragrance. The monks cut the juniper branches, preserving the development of the forest, the heritage of the Abbey.

The Ginepro Cade (red juniper or oxycedron) is a small conifer native to the Mediterranean regions. Cade oil, extracted from its wood by distillation, has always been used for the treatment of skin pathologies. It is also used in veterinary medicine, in particular to protect animals from insects.

Usage: Place the juniper washer in the wardrobe or drawers to obtain a natural defense against moths. For maximum efficiency, sand the washer from time to time to help spread the natural essence.

NB: the size and color of the wooden washer varies depending on the production batch (from different trees).