Imperial Drops 90° mignon 3 cl

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Liquor based on anise and other essences, produced with the same original recipe in the liquor factories of some Cistercian monks' abbeys: Abbey of Casamari (which calls it "Imperial Tincture"), the Abbey of Piona, the Abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba.

Format mignon from 3cl.

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10cl, 20cl, 50cl.

More than two centuries of celebrity: the specialty, composed by the monk Brother Eutimius, can be consumed: - a few drops in the water gives a thirst quenching drink, delicious few drops make tonic and pleasant coffee, tea, milk; - a spoon in a glass of water removes the disorders of poor digestion; - useful for travelers because it takes away the nausea and stomach pain produced by the movement of vehicles; - a few drops poured into a wad of cotton wool soothes the pain of the teeth; - sucked deeply into the nostrils, clears the airways. How do you use Imperial Drops - Imperial Dye? Download the leaflet with tips for use

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Vol: 90°
Ingredients: Alcohol, water, anethole, col. saffron._x000D_ NB: This is a craft product, the natural colouring (typically light yellow) may vary from batch to batch'._x000D_