Huile de calendula 30ml (macerated)

Calendula oil obtained from the maceration in sunflower oil of the tips of calendula flowers, suitable for sensitive, irritated, dry and itchy skin

Format: 30ml.

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The Marigold Oil (macerated) of the Cistercian nuns of the Abbey of Rieunette (France) is indicated for every skin need: irritation of sensitive skin (including children), itchy rashes , scratches, dry skin. The Calendula plant is grown with organic farming methods and collected by the nuns and left to macerate (a process that consists of soaking in the sun or in a bain-marie, with consequent filtration).

How to use: spray on the affected area, spreading lightly, as much as necessary.

For external use only. It can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. It can stain clothes.


Ingredients: hélianthus annuus seed oil, calendula officinalis, tocophérols.