Drops of Amaro Veterum 50 ml

authentic Swedish bitters, in drops

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Amaro Veterum, an authentic Swedish amaro, is produced by referring to the original recipe reported by Maria Treben in her book "The health of the Lord's Pharmacy" in which the composition of the herbal mixture known since 1807 is reported ( "Karlstein Manuscript") including cassia, natural camphor, rhubarb, manna, theriaca veneta, angelica, aloe, carlina, myrrh, saffron.

The original manuscript lists the benefits of taking the herbal compound:

  • Respiratory tract diseases: cold, sore throat, cough, flu symptoms

  • Gastro-intestinal disorders: stomach acidity, heaviness in the stomach, colitis, abdominal swelling

  • ...but also toothache, gums and red palate

For a correct food consumption it is preferable to take 20 drops, 2 times a day in water, tea or herbal tea.

It should be noted that it is not a strictly monastic product, but refers to the Swedish herbal tradition, taken up by Maria Treben, expert herbalist and deeply Christian.


Vol: 70°
Ingredients: alcohol, hydroalcoholic extracts of: cassia, natural Chinese camphor, rhubarb, turmeric, manna with fructose mannitus, Venetian teriaca, angelica, aloe, carlina, myrrh, saffron.