Camaldoli Herbal Tea No. 5 with Fennel Compound 100 g

digestive, for abdominal swelling

Format: 100g.

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This digestive herbal mix is an extraordinary natural remedy for abdominal bloating. This mix is made up of fennel seeds, which are diuretic and also prevent the formation of gas for a better digestion, Centaurea Herbs and Lavander, which also are digestive and antiseptic herbs

Suggested Use: pour two spoons of herbal tea in half liter of hot water, then steep for 10 minutes. We recommend drinking one cup after meals


Ingredients: foeniculum officinale semen, mentha piperita summitates, tilia platyphylla flos, glycyrrhiza glabra radix, citrus aurantium epicarpum, inula helenium radix, rosmarinus officinalis folium, melissa officinalis summitates, hissopus officinalis summitates, citrus aurantium flos, hibiscus sabdarissa flos, erythaea centaurium summitates, lavandula officnalis flos.