Angelica Extract 30 ml

nervousness, depression, anxiety, fatigue

Format: 30ml.

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Angelica Extract from Benedettine of Orte is de signed for psychological problems, irritability, low mood, fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Recommended: 30 drops twice a day, in some water, in between meals.

Instructions: 1) boils, mastitis, whitlow, abscesses, phlegmon, spondylitis, fistula sinus, inflamed ghiandola, needle infections, suppuration, ingrown nails and other similar problems; 2) extracting: thorns, splinters, shards of glass or any other foreign object that has entered the skin; 3) taking away, soothing pain: falls, bruises, lumbago, arthritis, beginning of nerve pain, herpes


Vol: 50°
Ingredients: angelica, eleutherococcus, passion flower, St John’s Wort