Aleppo soap 120 g

The Aleppo Soap of the Beata Maria Fons Paci Monastery, in Syria - a community supported by the Monastery of Valserena - is produced using a thousand-year-old recipe and is considered one of the finest soaps in the world.

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The Aleppo Soap produced by the Trappist nuns of Azar of the Beata Maria Fons Paci Monastery, in Syria, is elaborated following a thousand-year-old recipe that combines the emollient properties of olive oil and laurel oil. Considered one of the finest soaps in the world, it is completely natural and suitable for all skin types because it is not aggressive.

Aleppo soap: an ancient soap but always current

Aleppo soap is a completely natural vegetable product which owes its name to the city of the same name in Syria, the place where the techniques of its manufacturing. The first evidence of the use of this product dates back to the Babylonian era; it is no coincidence, in fact, that it is considered the oldest detergent among all natural soaps.

Its two main ingredients make it so special and suitable for cleansing both the body and the hair: the < strong>olive oil and bay laurel oil. Olive oil has moisturising, emollient and highly nourishing properties for the skin and hair. Thanks to the presence of polyphenols and vitamins A and E, it is an excellent antioxidant that prevents skin aging.

Laurel oil, on the other hand, it has remarkable antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Its soothing action also helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and improve any skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

Aleppo soap, thanks to the alliance of these two precious ingredients, has nourishing, revitalizing and restructuring properties. Precisely for this reason it is also suitable for the care and washing of hair, especially if it is stressed, dry or brittle.

The Aleppo soap of the Trappist nuns of Azar - supported community from the Monastery of Valserena – has a high concentration of olive oil (about 80%) and a smaller quantity of laurel oil (about 20%) which make it a consistent soap, also suitable for sensitive skins because it is delicate and not too degreasing.


Ingredients: European olea fruit oil, laurus nobilis fruit oil, aqua, glycerin, sodium hydroxide. Made in Syria, "Fons Pacis" Monastery. Distributed by the Cistercian Monastery of Valserena (Guardistallo, Pisa).