The story of Terra in Cielo

"That which the Convent is given…" …a way to express that you must be happy with what there is… Since 2003, the idea was born to make monastery artisanal produce known, initially to confront the primary needs of convent life (wine for Saint Messa, elixirs and herbs for health, sweets to celebrate liturgical celebrations…).

Monastic tradition… “Ora et Labora”

All this is part of the monastic tradition and has been gradually improved and enriched by the passion and dedication of nuns and monks who celebrate the Rule of St Benedict "ora et labora", trying to bring "earth to heaven" by offering his own works to the service of man and nature. While it is true in this modern era that the fruit of European monasteries provides less and less for their livelihood, much is destined for new communities on other continents, where there is a need for concrete aid to support the local population.
It is also true that these places represent a point of reference for those who are looking for answers, advice, welcoming or just for a moment of silence and peace. These spiritual places also offer unique delights and specialties. The monastery's shop, with its antique wood scent mixed with herbal preparations, is ready to teach us new flavors, natural remedies and personal care products.

Monastic Specialties of Italian and European Abbeys

My passion continues in the search for these specialties, curating selection, and trying to expand even in other countries where the monastic craftsmanship tradition is rich (France, Belgium, Germany...). If you are searching for some products and you do not find it here and want to get it, let us know and we will try to expand our Monastery products range, as a sign of tradition and quality.

Happy tasting!