Witch Hazel Extract 30 ml

varicose veins, cramps, tingles, menopause

Format: 30ml.

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Witch Hazel extract is a natural remedy with astringent properties, which helps blood circulation: vessel constrictor, protective and venous blood thinner; also useful for varicose veins, cramps, tingling, menopause;
With added cypress, red vine, and horse chestnut.
Product from Orte’s Benedictine herbal laboratory

We recommend:
15 drops with some water before meals
Haemorrhoids: 20 drops with some water before meals
Phlebitis: 30 drops before meals for 10 days, then decreased up to 15 drops, 2 times a day, with some water


Ingredients: witch hazel, cypress, red vine, horse chestnut, alcohol extract 60°