Spray for Mites 200 ml

counteracts the settlement of the mites in the environments

Format: 200ml.

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Camaldoli Mite Spray is indicated to create an unfavourable environment for dust mites in domestic environments. Does not stain and does not grease fabrics.

Formulated with neem oil and 100% pure essential oils of tea tree, cedar wood, eucalyptus, clove cloves, hybrid lavender, lemongrass and thyme.


Mode of use: vaporize the product keeping it at a distance of about 15 cm from the fabrics, until they are wet. Allow to dry. Shake before use.

Produced by FLORA srl on prescription from the Ancient Pharmacy of Camaldolese Monks and enriched with the modern knowledge of herbalist monks.


Ingredients: olio di neem ed oli essenziali 100% puri di alberto del tè, cedro legno, eucalipto, garofano chiodi, lavanda ibrida*, citronella, timo. * Ingrediente proveniente da Agricoltura Biologica Controllata.