Rosehip infusion 70 g

Rosehip infusion from the monks of Praglia Abbey, antioxidant, rich in vitamin C and indicated for preventing colds and flu.

Format: 70g.

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Rosa Canina infusion (seedless) from the Praglia Abbey.
The fruits of the dog rose are rich in vitamin C, over fifty times that contained in oranges or lemons, as well as of polyphenols, organic acids, tannins and pectins.

Rosehip is also an antioxidant and immunostimulant and helps prevent colds and flu.

Preparation of the infusion: pour a spoonful of product into a cup and pour boiling water; leave to infuse for approximately 10-15 minutes.


Ingredients: rose hips, seedless; store away from light, humidity and heat sources; Origin South Africa.