Robur Romice Syrup 125 ml

restorative, antianemic, convalescent

Format: 125ml.

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Robur Romice Syrup is an excellent anti-anaemic and restorer, even after flu, in moments of bodily weakness and is advised for sports activities. The root of the Romice plant is very rich in iron.

Other than the roots of the Romice plant, it also has nettle, plantain and fenugreek.

Internal use
for adults 2-3 teaspoons a day, between meals
for children 2 teaspoons a day, between meals;
You can also integrate this with Pollen (? see Sheet) or Royal jelly (? see Sheet)


Ingredients: Robur Romice 40%, nettle 30%, Fresh Plantain 20%, fenugreek 10%.