Organic Spelt Fusilli 250 g

spelt grown and harvested by the monks of Siloe

Format: 250g.

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The Organic Spelt Fusilli Pasta from Siloe's Monastery is an organic pasta made from Dicocco "Triticum Dicoccum" pasta, ground by stone with artisanal methods, cold-drawn with bronze and slowly dried at a low temperature for up to twenty-four hours. The spelt is directly cultivated by the monks, while the processing of the pasta is carried out in a trusted outdoor artisan laboratory.

It is a low-glycemic, highly energy-efficient food. Its properties make the pasta extremely nutritious and highly digestible. The special bronze cold-drawing gives it a rough surface able to retain condiments.
Cooking time: about 8 minutes.

Spelt was the first cereal grown by humans and the origin of its cultivation goes back to the Neolithic man more than 10,000 years ago. Since the twentieth century, following the modernisation of agriculture that preferred cultivation of "quantity" over ”quality", spelt was gradually “put to one side” until it almost disappeared. Today, the monks of the Monastero di Siloe are bringing back this ancient cereal by cultivating them in their lands.


Ingredients: organic dicocco spelt flour*, water. Store in a fresh and dry place.