Natural raw incense, in grains

orthodox nuns of Solan

Format: about 15g.
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Natural raw incense, made from cedar resin, produced by the Orthodox nuns of the Monastery of Solan, France.

Format a 15g bag, containing about 50 grains.
HOW TO BURN THE INCENSE On an incense burner: take half a charcoal, light it with a match and put it on the bottom of the incense burner; wait for the charcoal to burn to put one or two grains of incense. Or: on a perfume burner: light the small candle in the niche in the bottom of the perfume burner, fill the plate with water halfway, then dip two/three grains.
To maintain its qualities, the incense is lightly covered with a fine magnesium powder. Keep it in a closed box in a cool, dry place.