Mandarin Marmalade 400 g

with only fruit and sugar, Trappists from Vitorchiano

Format: 400g.

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The marmalade of the Trappist nuns of Vitorchiano is prepared with only tangerines and sugar. This jam will amaze you for its pleasant taste with slightly bitter notes but that give freshness and vivacity to the palate.

The mandarins are a typical autumn and winter fruit, rich in vitamin C, vitamin P that helps to counteract water retention and promotes diuresis; it also has a good amount of calcium, potassium and fiber, fundamental substances for the bones and intestines.

The tangerine marmalade of the Trappist nuns is perfect for the preparation of tarts, stuffed biscuits, tarte tartine or with soft cheeses and flowery crust such as brie.

The jams and marmalades of the Trappist nuns of Vitorchiano are prepared, for more than forty years, in an artisan way with genuine ingredients: only fresh fruit and sugar. The special cooking method allows the fruit to maintain all its flavour and aroma. They contain neither additives, such as pectin and citric acid, nor preservatives.

Ingredients: Sugar, Mandarin. Prepared with 73g of fruit per 100g of finished product; total sugar: 58g per 100g of finished product; No pectin added