Liquor San Giuseppe 70 cl

bitter digestive, intense and mellow

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Format: 70cl.

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The Liquore San Giuseppe is an excellent digestive to be served cold or with an ice cube, after meals, but in moderation.

The recipe has been modified to make the taste more pleasant, but, of the herbs contained in the formulation of Amaro San Giuseppe, retains all beneficial effects including:

  • bitter-tonic and eupeptic effect of the Aloe;
  • stomachic and liver purifying effect of the Rhubarb rhubarb;
  • carminative and contrasting effect of the Angelica asthenia;
  • analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of Myrrh;
  • contrasting effect to gastric atony and long digestion of the Gentian;
  • febrifuge and anticephalic effect of the Tanaceto.

The alcohol content is always 32° like the old bitter because it acts as a natural preservative.

It also contains "Grappa Honey" of organic acacia.


Vol: 32°
Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, aromatic and exotic herbal infusions, natural dyes. It contains organic acacia "Grappa Honey".