Herbal tea of Camaldoli No. 4 at the Oak Sea composed 100 g

slimming, invigorates the metabolism

Format: 100g.

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Fucus (also known as brown algae) is renowned for his slimming and cleansing action and it is a great adjuvant in slimming therapies helping the healing of cellulitis and circulatory system problems. Those granules are also suggested in case of hypothyroidism as they boost your metabolism. The Sagebrush and the Orange notes are energizing, while the achillea has anti-inflammatory properties.
Advised against thyroid problems
Suggested use: pour 2 spoons of herbal infusion in half liter of water and boil for 2-3 minutes. We recommend drinking two cups a day between meals. Add honey if necessary.


Ingredients: fucus vesiculosus thallus, fraxinus excelsior flos, rhamnus alpino cortex, salvia officinalis folium, chincona calysaia cortex, betula alba folium, glycyrrhiza glabra radix, equisetum arvense pianta, foeniculum officinale semen. mentha piperita folium, achillea millefolium summitates, vitis vinifera folium, juniperus communis bacca, asparagus officinalis radix, citrus aurantium flos, citrus limoneum epicarpum.