Herbal tea of Camaldoli No. 3 with Melissa composed of 80 g

relaxing and soothing

Format: 80g.

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This relaxing herbal infusion is very effective against for nervous ailments and anxiety, it is a blend of lemon balm, verbena and chamomille, with an antispasmodic and relaxing action. The Relaxing Herbal Infusion N°3 from Camaldoli is used also against insomina and stress fatigue.

Suggested use: pour 1/4 liter of hot water in one teaspoon of herbal infusion. Let the tea steep for 15 minutes. We recommend drinking one cup before sleeping


Ingredients: melissa officinalis summitates, tilia platyphylla flos, crataegus oxyacantha flos, matricaria chamomilla flos, verbena odorosa summitates, asperula odorata flos, humulus lupulus flos, citrus autantium flos, papaver rhoeas flos.