Herbal tea of Camaldoli No. 1 with Gramigna composed 100 g

for constipation, laxative and diuretics

Format: 100g.

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This laxative and diuretic infusion is great for constipation, thanks to the Alexandrian Senna healing herb, which helps peristalsis, and dog's tooth grass, which is great to cleanse kidneys. The Star Anise and Coriander heal abdominal bloating and Peppermint helps refreshing and relieves congestions.

Suggested use: pour one glass of hot water in one or two teaspoons of herbal infusion. Let the tea steep for 20 minutes. We recommend drinking this infusion before sleeping or in the early morning


Ingredients: cassia obtusifolia folium, tricum repens radix, mentha piperita summitates, arctium lappa radix, parietaria officinalis planta, matricaria chamomilla flos, coriandrum sativum semen, foeniculum officinale semen, melissa officinalis summitates, smilax officinalis radix, illicium verum semen.