Herbal Capillary Lotion 12 vials

for hair loss

Format: 10ml x 12 vials.

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The herbal capillary Lotion of Camaldoli is recommended to prevent hair loss and to treat the scalp. Stimulates microcirculation at the level of the hair follicle thanks to the presence of plant extracts. The presence of selected plant extracts is useful for the reconstitution of the body of the hair, while the presence of inositol and Vit. H1, folic acid precursor, provides a normalizing effect on excessive sebaceous production.

Apply the lotion directly to the scalp once a day for fifteen days and then continue the treatment on alternate days, always rubbing always. A slight redness and a bland sense of warmth are an indication of the efficacy of the active ingredients contained in the lotion.

Produced by an external company on the recipe of the ancient pharmacy of Camaldoli


Ingredients: aqua, alcohol denat., cinchona succirubra extract, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, menthol, arnica montana extract, rosmarinus officinalis extract, parfum, salicylic acid, achillea millefolium extract, linalool, polyquaternium-7, eugenol, limonene