Fresh Calendula Juice 125 ml x3

gastrointestinal inflammation, cramps, varices and...

Format: 125ml x 3.

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Calendula flowers and leaves are used to prepare fresh juice and ointments. The main calendula properties, particularly for its flowers, are: essential oil, flavonoid, alcohol, steoil, carotenes, xanthophyll, and phenolic acids.

Internal use: bad circulation, gastro-intestinal inflammation, hand tingling, cramps and heavy legs, varicose veins, phlebitis, haemorrhoids, fragile capillaries, chilblains, (non-healing) fissures, irregular and painful periods and blood cleansing.

How to use

Adults: 4-5 spoons per day, between meals.

Important: once opened, the bottle should be stored in a fridge.

It’s advised to also buy the Calendula Ointment to lightweight massage the appropriate areas.


Ingredients: cold-pressed with a wine press, from freshly-picked calendula leaves and flowers.