Fresh Cabbage Juice (Brassica) 125 ml x3

remineralizing, purifying, detoxifying

Format: 125ml x 3.

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French Cabbage Juice (Brassica Oleracea) from the Santa Ildegarde delle Benedettine di Orte Herb Laboratory. It is made with freshly-picked cabbage leaves from the Monastery garden, hand and cold-pressed, with a wine press.

Cabbage is a plant rich in iron and fibre with remineralising and energetic properties. Thanks to its sulphur, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin C, it is also an excellent cleansing and detoxifying anti-inflammatory.

Internal use: gastroduodenitis ulcer, liver deficiencies, diabetes, anaemic, oedemas and dropsy

Recommended: 3-4 spoons a day, with a few drops of lemon, between meals

Product from Orte’s Benedictine herbal laboratory.


Ingredients: fresh cabbage juice (brassica oleracea)