Freeze-dried Royal Jelly 32 vials

fatigue, season changes, convalescence

Format: Small 32 Vials of 171mg.

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Lyophilized Royal Jelly in vials of the Benedictine apiary of Finalpia is made up of proteins, amino acids and vitamins of group B. This makes it a substance of great nutritional value. Royal jelly is recommended for all cases of fatigue of the body, for example, during seasonal changes, as well as as a reconstituent in periods following a disease.

Pack of 32 vials (one per day, for a full month care)

Instructions for use: Dissolve the contents of the bottle with the help of any non-alcoholic beverage (water, milk, tea, juice, chamomile, etc.) and drink the mixture immediately. We recommend taking 1/2 vials per day. Do not exceed in usage.


Ingredients: Royal Jelly 259mg