Cream Lavender Ointment 50 ml

reddened skin, sunburn, erythema, chilblains

Format: 50ml.

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The monks' Lavender Ointment Cream has soothing properties: for delicate and reddened skin, sunburns, sun rashes, furunculosis, chilblains, calluses and corns, varicose veins, phlebitis, eczema, dermatitis, bedsores, abrasions, hemorrhoids, rash, warts, athlete's foot, ingrown nails, scars and keloids, insect bites.

Advice for use: apply without massaging. Effective in alleviating discomfort in subjects wearing dentures (greasing the gums). In case of pyorrhoea, apply at least 2 times a day.


The ointments of the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte are prepared by a certified external laboratory. 100% natural herbal product. It contains no mineral oils, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Keep cool.


Ingredients: pumpkin (72%), sugar, amaretto liqueur, lemon juice, lemon peel, cinnamon; contains no colorants or preservatives.