Chartreuse Verte 35cl + 3 silkscreened glasses

La Chartreuse Verte (gift box with 3 silkscreened glasses) from the Chartreuse Monastery is a tonic liqueur aged 3 years. An excellent digestive with a strong flavor and a high alcohol content of 55 °.

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Format: 35cl.

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The Chartreuse Verte produced by the Carthusian fathers of the Chartreuse Monastery is a tonic liqueur aged 3 years. Gift box with 3 silkscreened glasses.

Unlike the Chartreuse Jaune , the Verte has a stronger flavor and a higher alcohol content (55%). The Chartreuse Verte is prepared following the recipe of an ancient manuscript received by the Carthusian fathers in 1605; from here in fact derives all the savoir-faire: from the processing of the 130 plants that compose it, up to the slow aging of the Chartreuse in oak barrels.

The patient maturation gives Chartreuse Verte a unique aromatic complexity, which is refined with further aging in the bottle, making each specimen unique.

Tips for a correct tasting

Traditionally considered as a digestive, Chartreuse is often tasted by its connoisseurs even in the preparation of cocktails. To enhance its aromas, we recommend tasting the Chartreuse with some popsicles.

In the 70 cl format, the Charteuse Verte is presented in its characteristic and elegant bottle bearing the seal of "" La Grande Chartreuse "".


Vol: 55°
Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, medicinal plants and flowers