Chartreuse Jaune 35cl

intense, soft, 3-year-old liqueur

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Format: 35cl.

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The Chartreuse Jaune (Yellow) of the Carthusian monks of the Monastery de la Grand Chartreuse is a soft and sweet liqueur, aged 3 years in barrels. Compared to Chartreuse Verte, it is less alcoholic and softer in taste. The Chartreuse Jaune is distilled using the same herbs as the Chartreuse Verte, but in different proportions, thus offering special scented floral, spicy and honey notes. There are only two Carthusian Fathers who know exactly which plants to use, their proportions and how to distill the preparation. They are also the only ones who know which natural plants to use to give the natural colours that characterize the two varieties of Chartreuse: Jaune and Verte. Moreover, these wise Carthusian fathers control the slow ageing of the liqueur and decide when it is ready to be bottled. Tips for a correct tasting: Traditionally considered as a digestive, Chartreuse is often tasted by its admirers even inside cocktails. To enhance its aromas, we recommend tasting the Chartreuse with a few icicles.

Vol: 40°
Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, medicinal plants and flowers