Camaldoli Herbal Tea No. 6 Eucalyptus Compound 100 g

balsamic, cough and cold

Format: 100g.

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This balsamic herbal infusion is highly recommended for respiratory system diseases such as cough and cold. The herbal mix includes Primula which is a painkiller and Anti-inflammatory and licorice which protects the Mucous Membranes and gives a pleasant taste to the infusion, balancing the fresh taste of Eucalyptus. This is a great remedy for cough as it helps the expectoration and stimulates appetite thanks to the antiseptic and soothing action of mallow.

Suggested use: pour 2 spoons and a half into half liter of water, then boil for 2-3 minutes. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Drink 2 caups of the infusion between meals. Add honey if necessary.


Ingredients: eucalyptus globulus folium, matricaria chamomilla flos, glycyrrhiza glabra radix, phocniculum officinalis semen, mentha piperita summitates, malva silvestris flos e folium, tussilago, farfaraflos, pinus maritima turio, cetraria islandica planta, verbascum, thapsus flos, crythraea centarium summitates, primula officinalis, flos, papaver, rhoeas flos.