The Remedies for Psoriasis of Monasteries

In the winter season or for those who do not find benefit from the summer season, some natural remedies of the monastic herbalist tradition can be useful to mitigate flaking.

Psoriasis is a chronic state of inflammation of the skin which, in addition to creating periods of very annoying itching, also affects the quality of life of those affected. In fact, repercussions often arise in interpersonal relationships that are difficult to sustain, especially as the plaques often affect the hands and face, as well as the feet and joints more hidden areas, i.e. parts of the body with which we socialize every day.

The symptoms of psoriasis are manifested by the presence of skin lesions such as flaky red plaques or pustules and spots in the most severe cases. Sometimes a simple dermatitis can be mistaken for psoriasis but it remains of great importance to find a remedy or at least minimize the discomfort.

The discomfort and itchiness of the skin, sometimes very widespread and unbearable, is attenuated in summer with damp air and exposure to sunlight. In the winter season or for those who do not find benefit from the summer season, some natural remedies of the monastic herbalist tradition can be useful to mitigate flaking.

Among the products that relieve discomfort are oils, ointments and creams made from specially blended herbs to combat the effects of psoriasis thanks to their natural antiseptic effect.

The products of monks and nuns to soothe the discomforts of psoriasis are:

  • Tepzcohuite Ointment
  • Helichrysum Ointment (also Oil)
  • Burdock Extract (also Oil)
  • Hypericum ointment
  • Psor Cream

All valid allies against itching and desquamation thanks to their composition of valuable vegetable oils and natural essential oils have an excellent soothing and emollient action.

Tepezchouite ointment from Camaldoli

Tepezchouite ointment, based on Mimosa tenuiflora, a plant known to the Maya, is a cosmoceutical, i.e. a cosmetic product particularly effective in assisting the physiological processes of skin regeneration and re-epithelialization. Thanks to its active ingredients such as flavonoids and tannins, it is an excellent ally for the health of the skin.

The ointment is produced in the Ancient Pharmacy of Camaldoli where the monks have practiced herbal medicine for centuries and study the medicinal properties of herbs and plants producing creams, ointments and natural products.

The Tepezcohuite ointment of the Camaldolese monks, thanks to a high antibacterial and antifungal capacity, regenerates the skin by stimulating the natural defences. It has an excellent soothing and refreshing action in cases of psoriasis, spotted, dry skin. The application of the ointment can reduce and soothe desquamation and itching. It also helps to keep the skin elastic.

For all these beneficial adjuvant effects it can be placed among the recommended natural remedies in case of psoriasis as well as bedsores, varicose and diabetic ulcers, non- healing wounds and burns.

Also suitable for simpler problems such as dry, almost cracked heels, dry knees and elbows.

Hypericum ointment of Praglia Abbey

Hypericum ointment is an herbal product designed and created for reddened skin or skin subject to frequent erythema, which helps in the regeneration and repair of the epidermis.

The Hypericum preparation is produced by the Monks of the Abbey of Praglia, who knowingly mix medicinal herbs, vegetable oils and natural essential oils and contains Hypericum and beeswax.

The Hypericum plant, with its well-known phytotherapeutic properties, helps the healing of wounds by supporting the re-epithelialization of the skin while beeswax creates a protective barrier against external agents.

The ointment has a healing and soothing action that mitigates the widespread and annoying itching thanks to the two principles that combine to reduce dermatitis,

desquamation and give relief to the annoying itching of the skin, which occurs in case of erythema or psoriasis.

Having anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and regenerating properties, as well as for reddened and dry skin, St. John's wort ointment is also indicated for small cuts, cracked skin, slight burns, itching and dermatitis.

Ointment (and Oil) of Helichrysum of the Benedictine nuns of Orte S. Ildegarde

Helichrysum Ointment is an ideal herbal cream to alleviate the itching of highly irritated and dry, thickened and scaly skin. It contains helichrysum and aloe, based on beeswax. In the Benedictine Herbal Laboratory of Orte, the nuns exploit these principles and create the Helichrysum ointment, a preparation particularly suitable for skins affected by psoriasis, dermopathies, eczemas, ichthyosis, oedemas and phlebitis.

The helichrysum plant has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties that accelerate the repair of the epidermis in case of injury or damaged skin.

Extract (and Oil) of Burdock from the Benedictine nuns of Orte S. Ildegarde

The burdock plant has purifying, detoxifying and choleretic properties and the extract obtained from this shrub is useful in cases of dermatosis and specific skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne.

The Benedictine Herbal Laboratory of Orte produces the Burdock-based Extract by working this dermopathic plant directly in the convent and keeping the active principles unchanged.

Burdock extract is in drops and you can use it in "external use" or "internal use", depending on your needs or preferences. The oil can be used in particular in the scalp.

Psor Cream of the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte di Firenze

Psor Ointment Cream is a cream that synthesizes a clever mix of medicinal plants that offers an effective remedy for psoriasis and dermatosis.

The ointment of the monks of the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte is a natural remedy that finds its application in cases of serious skin diseases (even bleeding) or mild cases such as irritations and rashes.

Please note that herbal products do not belong to the category of drugs and are not substitutes. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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