Products of the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte of Florence

In the monastic pharmacy of the abbey are prepared creams, ointments, handmade soaps and shampoos.

Immersed in the beautiful Florentine countryside, the Abbey of San Miniato al Monte, thanks to the work of its monks, offers many cosmetic products to take care of your beauty and natural ointments, useful and effective in the treatment of various problems.

In the monastic pharmacy of the abbey, in fact, are prepared creams, ointments, handmade soaps and shampoos ... all natural!

Among the many products of the Abbey, there is the Hyaluronic Acid Cream, a natural moisturizing emulsion that moisturizes the skin of the face for an anti-aging effect to be applied daily in the morning and evening.

The Damascus rose lifting cream is a nourishing cream that restores tone to your skin through an effective lifting effect with aromatherapy action. The monks recommend, in fact, before applying the cream to the face, to inspire its scent to activate the aromatherapy action.

Who among us in the morning, after a stressful day, does not find themselves with dark circles and bags under the eyes?

You can try the Ceramide Eye Contour Serum. Thanks to the combination of chito-nanomers, this serum has an effective lifting and revitalising effect... you will see that your skin will be brighter, younger and healthier!

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of medicinal herbs, the monks of the abbey also offer ointments which are excellent natural remedies for the treatment of various problems and whose production is entrusted to an old certified herbal laboratory!

Lavender ointment with soothing properties is indicated for the treatment of delicate and reddened skin, burns, abrasions, scars and much more.

Psor cream, instead, is particularly indicated for the treatment of psoriasis, dermatosis and is 100% natural, without preservatives, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

Finally, arnica ointment is an excellent natural remedy for oasteoarticular and muscular pains, strains and strains, sprains, sprains, torticollis and hematomas... and for those who play sports it is an excellent heating agent!

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