Massages, the benefits of monks' balms and creams

...about monks' preparations, to be used for massages in case of slight discomfort caused by contractures, joint pain, tired muscles and sprains.

A movement reminiscent of pampering, effective and pleasant: the massage is not just a simple pressure of the hands on the body!

To relieve discomfort, small aches and pains and inflammations, you can also practice massages at home, in comfort.

If physiotherapists also use Camaldoli Balm...

The Balsam of Camaldoli Menthol Cream is prepared by the monks of the Monastery of Camaldoli since 1331, when in the Officina dell'Antica Farmacia the religious began to make medicines for the sick in the nearby hospital.

Today Menthol Cream is appreciated by physiotherapists to act on bruises, muscle strains, sprains, back, shoulder and neck pain.

An excellent cream, easy to spread

The particular consistency of Camaldoli Balm makes the preparation easy to apply, to quickly solve all those problems related to back and shoulder contractures.

Menthol is good for tired muscles

You spend a lot of hours on your feet? Tone yourself up! Camaldoli Balm is perfect to give freshness to tired and swollen muscles and limbs.

Many athletes use Menthol Cream to give stressed tissues a pleasant feeling of relief after training, spreading it with circular movements.

The Relaxing Balm against contractures

Here we go again: you still have that muscular blockage feeling. You've got a lot to do and you don't want to put it off.

We suggest you keep a jar of Relaxing Decontracting Balm, from the monks at Notre Dame de Ganagobie Abbey in France. A nice massage and you'll relax your contracted and tired muscles.

2.85% essential oils

Gaultheria, eucalyptus, rosemary, camphor, mint: Ganagobie Baume Décontractant 50ml consists of substances rich in virtues. Let's see them together:

  • gaultheria: anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, for rheumatic pains and neuralgia.
  • eucalyptus: ideal for rheumatism, helps to cope with pain
  • rosemary: analgesic, for rheumatic pains and arthritis
  • camphor: analgesic
  • mint: invigorating

An intoxicating cream

The Red Cream of the Discalced Carmelite Friars, smeared with a massage, can help in case of contractures.

During the massage, you will feel a fresh perfume with balsamic notes in your nostrils and you will feel a cooling sensation on your skin. All this thanks to camphor, a substance extracted from the wood of an evergreen tree.

With all delicacy

The richness of medicinal plant extracts of which it is composed and the absence of synthetic perfumes, make the Red Cream suitable even for dry or sensitive skin.

Massages yes, but not only!

You can also use Red Cream for minor skin problems such as mosquito bites and pimples. Thanks to its essence of peppermint, the cream is a valuable ally even in case of slight itching.

Here ends our excursus about monks' preparations, to be used for massages in case of slight discomfort caused by contractures, joint pain, tired muscles and sprains.

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