Beer La Trappe Oak Aged 37,5 cl

matured in cask

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Format: 37,5cl.

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The Trappe Oak Aged is a Quadrupel Dutch Trappist Beer produced by Abdij Koningshoeven Abbey. A truly unique beer. The complex aroma is conditioned by the type of barrel in which the Oak Aged Quadrupel is matured, which gives different and unique nuances to the final product. The label also indicates the serial number of the barrel in which it was matured. The refermentation in the bottle can go on for years, up to a maximum of 300 months, during which the taste is refined and evolves._x000D_

This Trappist presents itself on the palate with a balanced taste, herbaceous and full-bodied hints, thanks to its 11% alcohol volume.


We recommend, in order to taste it at its best, to taste it without particular combinations
Serving temperature: 12°-18°.


Vol: 11°
Ingredients: water, malt, hops, yeast