Amaro Cascinazza 50 cl

digestive, fragrant, soft

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Format: 50cl.

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The Amaro Cascinazza Bitterness produced is the result of the skilful mixing of aromatic herbs and medicinal plants by the Benedictine monks of the Cascinazza Monastery.


The process of distillation and infusion, combined with an adequate period of aging, make Amaro Cascinazza a refined and soft liqueur. The genuineness and naturalness of the ingredients allow you to enjoy a product that evolves and refines over time.


The aromatic and persistent aftertaste makes it an excellent digestive at the end of a meal. Pleasant even with ice, or with candied orange peel covered in white chocolate.


Vol: 21°
Ingredients: hydroalcoholic solution, sugar, distillates and infusions of aromatic plants