Abbey herbal tea 30 g

relaxing, soothing

Format: 30g.

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This herbal tea is obtained from an ancient recipe from the Novacella Abbey’s pharmacy, made up of biologically pure herbs, grown in the Rauter farm at 1300 m above sea level in the hamlet of Riol in the town of Fortezza. Hot drink has a relaxing effect; if it is cold, it lends itself well as a refreshing and relaxing drink.

Advice for preparation: put the desired amount of herbal tea in a cup or teapot, pour boiling water and let it infuse for approx. 5 minutes. It is advisable, to better appreciate the herbal tea, to use very fine porcelain cups or natural baked goods. Recommended quantities: 1 teaspoonful for each cup.


Ingredients: mentha piperita (folium), melissa officinalis (folium), salvia officinalis (folium), calendula officinalis (flos), malva sylvestris (flos), Centaurea Cyanus (flos), Camomilla matricaria (flos)