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Trappist Monastery of Vitorchiano, Italy

The specialties of the Trappist nuns of Vitorchiano: jams, wines, oil...

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Headache? Cracked skin? Find the right product for your every need


Marigold, propolis, eucalyptus or lavender? The right product for every ingredient


Benedictine, Trappist, Camaldolese... Find the products of the main monastic orders...

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An occasion to celebrate? Any particular Christmas present? Monastic products for every event!

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The story of Terra in Cielo

What happens in the Convent...
It all began with a Trappist jam... Awareness of the quality and long tradition of the Monastery's artisan products and the desire to make them known and make them easier to buy: since 2004 we have been selecting the monks' and nuns' products for you and sending them to your home, in an easy and safe way.

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